Texas is one of the most intriguing states in the entire nation. Everything is definitely big in Texas and images of cowboys, cattle, epic battles, and wide open spaces capture the imagination of the American people. Here are some of the most interesting facts about Texas.

1. How Texas Got Its Name

“Tayshas” is a Caddo Indian word which means “friends” or “allies.” It was pronounced as “tejas” by the Spanish, which was then called “Texas” by English settlers.

2. Oscar Award

The Academy Award statuette called the Oscar award was named after a Texas man named Oscar Pierce. Pierce’s niece worked at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in Hollywood. When she first saw the golden statuette she remarked that it looked exactly like her Uncle Oscar.

3. Yes Texas Is Big

The state of Texas is bigger than many of the world’s nations, including every single country in Europe. If Texas was a country instead of a state, it would be the 40th largest in the world.

4. Six Flags Over Texas

This refers to the six different countries that ruled Texas. Spain placed the first flag and ruled the territory from 1519-1821. It was followed by France from 1685-1690, Mexico from 1821-1836, the Republic of Texas from 1836-1845, and finally the U.S. from 1845-1861 and then 1865-present. The sixth flag is represented by the Confederate Flag that flew from 1861-65 after Teas succeed from the Union during the Civil War. The term “Six Flags” is used in shopping malls, theme parks, and other venues.

5. Number 1 in Tornadoes

Texas has more tornadoes in the U.S., averaging 139 a years. They occur most frequently in the Panhandle and North Texas.

6. Deadliest Day In U.S. History

The Galveston hurricane of 1900 is the single deadliest day event in all of U.S. history. It killed between 8,000 to 12,000 people.

7. Houston

The very first word spoken on the moon was the word “Houston” when Neil Armstrong called Houston from the moon in 1969.

8. Helium

Approximately 90% of the recoverable helium in the world is located underground in Amarillo, Texas.

9. Birthplace of Dr. Pepper

In 1885 A Waco, Texas pharmacist by the name of Charles Alderton created Dr Pepper.

10. Oil Galore

Teas has an approximately 10 billion barrel oil reserve, which is over 30% of the total U.S. reserves.

11. The Midland Man

This is among the oldest human skeletons that has been discovered in America. The 9,500 years old remains were found in 1952 on a Midland, Teas ranch. However, the Midland Man is actually a woman.

12. Remember The Alamo

Although this famous battle cry is normally believed to have been uttered by Sam Houston, it was actually Sidney Sherman, a Texas general, who first said it.

So there you have it, 12 interesting facts about Texas. How many did you already know about?
That’s really just the tip of the iceberg as there are many intriguing facts about this fascinating big Western state.

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